Can Long Distance Relationships Work? {LONG}


Sep 4, 2006
A little background info; My boyfriend of 9 months moved to Vermont 3 months ago, and I live in La Jolla. He fly's out to La Jolla every 2 weeks to come visit for the weekend then goes back monday morning. I really feel that a tremendous amount of stress has been put on the relationship, and everyone around me insists that long distance relationships tend to not work out. Keep in mind I am only 17 and he is 18.
What are your thoughts on long distance relationships? Can they work?

Here's a picture of my boyfriend Robbie and I, don't we make a great couple?:heart:


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You guys are adorable together!

I'm living proof that long distance relationships can work, but they are tough. My bf only lives 3 hours away, so we get to see each other about once every two weeks, like you. It's not fun but I guess you do get used to it...I think the most annoying part for me is that you don't have the bf for 2 weeks, then you have him 24/7 for a weekend, it's hard to make that time feel special. I wish we could go out on dates more and stuff, I really miss that, especially since we'd only been dating for 3 months before he left. But our relationship is still ok despite the distance and my lingering desire to be taken out to swanky restaurants while wearing (and carrying) something fabulous :supacool:

I will add that I'm quite a bit older than you (26), and set in my ways, but you have so much in front of you...just make sure to be honest about your desires and needs in your relationship and if you grow apart just accept that it's a natural part of getting older. Best of luck to you both!
you guys do look very cute together :smile:

i was also in a long distance relationship earlier this year (i live in southern california, he lives in new york) based on my experience, i think as long as both people want it to work out and put in the effort, the distance isn't that big of an issue. and it's a good thing that you're still able to see him every 2 weeks. hopefully everything will work out. good luck!
You guys look very happy. Yes, all relationships are what you put into them. I am firm believer that eventhe long distance ones can work. Continue to trust and respect each other.

you guys looks adorable!!
I'm in a long term relationship, which will be ending in less than 20days!! Finally after 2years!!... We stay in different country, so we get to see each other probably like once every 2-3month but we try to email and chat online everyday. Sometimes it's hard but you'll get used to it.. trust him and believe in this relationship..
Since you are only 17, you should give this relationship a try.. If things really doesn't work out, at least you tried and you can move on with no regrets... It helps you become more independent too :P
I wish you luck!
You guys are soooo cute...he's a cutie, you're a cutie, you deserve each other! I think it kind of depends on how long you expect this arrangement to last. Will he be moving back? Will you guys be going to school near each other at any point? I think if there's an end in sight, it will be easier for it to work. If not, you really have to try hard. I wish you the best! I've only ever had to do long distance for 4 months and thought I would die! But we made it through. Thank you Jesus, thank you skype.
Usually long distance dont seem to work that well. But for you, I think it can work. Its shows that he cares enough to come back ever so often to visit you. Best of luck to you two. Cute picture btw. =)
instead of seeking answers about your future together, just try to enjoy what you guys have now and live in the moment. anything is possible - only time will tell if you will last, this is true even if he lived right next door to you.
heyy, you guys make a great couple :smile: i know exactly how you feel though bc i am also in a long distance relationship, my boyfriend lives 6 hours away and i only see him about once a month. at first it was hard and it took about 2 months to get used to. as long as you guys trust each other and talk a lot to make up for not seeing each other, i think that you will both be fine. good luck! :smile:
you guys are a very cute couple :yes: i think long distance relationships can work out depending on how dedicated you guys are. when i was 16 (i'm now 20), i guess you can say i met my first sweetheart but he jsut started school 6 hours away. we were very dedicated and always used the phone or AIM and i guess it was successful since it lasted for 2.5 years but ended when he actually moved back to the city haha! plus there's always college and you two might end up going to the same one?
It hasnt really work for me in the past, but my hubby to be is in Texas for work right now and we have been apart since mid 2005. So I currently reside in Sydney which is 13000 miles away :crybaby:

You are very lucky to be able to see each other every 2 weeks, the last time we've seen each other was July. Before that was September 2005. It was really painful at times, and I got so damn lonely eventhough lots of friends who could cheers me up.
We had our ups and downs, and sometimes I feel like I should just give it up, but everytime I think I how much I :heart: him, I try to think +

Its not long for me though, am about to visit him in March and am moving there next June. So it paid off I guess.

Like everybody said, its not easy, but it could work if you both have trust and put a 100% into the relationship and MAKE IT work.

You both looks very cute :smile:
Y'all are so young and so cute together!

Never been in a LDR, but I'm sure if the both of you worked hard on the relationship, things will work out. Here's wishing the both of you all the best!
Everyone, THANKS for all your wonderful advice and well wishes.

I feel as if I can come to tPF and share what's happening to me and have members that truly care and want to help.
Thanks Vlad & Megs for creating such a wonderful community.
:heart: and Best Wishes for everyone.