Can I use appleguard on my metallic stam and venetia??

  1. Hi all, so I didn't use appleguard on my stam hobo and i'm starting to regret it and will be sending her off to mj. I think by holding her on the handle, i have work away some of the leather and I'm determined not to do the same with my other mjs, but can I use it on my metallic bags without worry of it fading, etc?? I have a purple venetia in metallic and a blush stam, will appleguard be safe to put on them??

    I'm going to call Diego at MJ and talk to him too, just want to get opinions.

  2. i have an ivory stam and a green venetia and they're fine. im not sure about the metallics tho.
  3. Please let us know what you hear from Diego. I have a silver Venetia and would like to know whether it's safe to use anything to protect or condition it.
  4. ^^I would like to know thw answer to that question!