Can I 'overuse' my speedy?

  1. I bought my first LV, a speedy, in January. I've used it everyday since...just love it.

    It has a nice patina already, and I'm wondering....can I wear the sucker out? Is it ok for me to continue to use it daily...or should I give it a break.

    I spent all that money on it so I should use it, right? But...don't want to spend all that money and have it 'wear out'. Am I underestimating the construction of lv?

    I'm also not wanting those dark, dark handles that you see in some used ones...
    Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 jan 07 003.jpg 507 015.JPG
  2. If anyone is overusing their speedy it's me! I have been using mine since November non stop. I sometimes put it away but inevitably take it out and use it again. I don't know if you can wear it out - I don't think so because the canvas just seems to get better and better. I am afraid also that the handles will eventually turn black.
  3. haha, i must really over use my speedy. it has my life in it. dont worry about it. they are pretty sturdy. and if the patina gets dark clean it with baby wipes every few months. had mine a year now and use it almost every day.
  4. no chance to overuse a speedy. Its a perfect bag, no wonder its a best seller. Its a great bag, I use mine all the time.
  5. my speedy is over 23 years old, I don't use it very often, but it is still useable!!!
  6. No need to worry, just follow the basic rules- try not to get it wet, etc!
  7. if you worry about the handle turn balck, you should spray it w/leather protectant like SM, AG, Wilsoon, Kiwi as discussed in LV FAQ forum. Not sure if the spray works w/patina vachetta? But you can wipe the vachetta down w/baby wipes, let dry and follow w/leather conditioner :flowers:
  8. I know what you mean as I love mine to death too. I am trying to give it a break right now and have been carrying a couple other bags, but I keep having this nagging thought that I should use the speedy, LOL. I love that little bag!
  9. If you still enjoy carrying i, USE IT !! Your bag is beautiful.. Enjoy it!!:yahoo:

  10. From your pictures your bag still looks brand new. If you enjoy it USE IT! It's a great bag. I don't blame you for wanting to use it everyday, it holds so much and the style of the bag is timeless.
  11. what size is it...30 or 35??
  12. ^^^It's a 30.

    Thanks all...I feel better. I take care of my things, but I am rough on my stuff...I really use it!

    Will be back later...have tornados all around me! Yikes!!

  13. :wtf:
  14. Use it! That's what it's for. If the handles get dirty, you can always try baby wipe to clean off any dirt or get the handles replaced for a fee.
  15. you paid good money for it so go ahead and use it all you want!~ >.<