Can i give online code away and still use coupon instore?

  1. I have a pce but won't be using code for online. But will be using the coupon in store next week. Can I give the online code away? Will they both work?
  2. No, both will not work. At the retail stores they pull up your e-mail and 'redeem' your code so it will not work again. I guess it depends if your SA redeems your code or not.
  3. Both have always worked for me. I use the card in-store and usually end up using the online code on the last day of PCE or I give it away.
  4. i am a little confused about that statement. on the PCE card it states that the event lasts from november 23 through december 11. does that mean you can only use the discount once? what if you visit the coach store multiple times in that time period? will the discount not apply during subsequent visits?

    also, will the system know if you gave your card away to a friend to use? will you be flagged?

    sorry for the n00b questions.... i am new to coach and am not sure how these things work. i guess it's related to the in-store / online question. thanks!
  5. I have asked the SA in store before and if you tell them first, and they will remember you shopped with them and let you use the discount again during the period, just as long as you go to the same store. just make sure you tell them oh you want to buy more stuff maybe later in the week. I'm sure they won't reject you.

  6. ^^ thanks for the response!