Can I get some help on IDing this bag?

  1. first post :yahoo:
    Anyway..I know I have seen this bag somewhere..
    Is is Gap?
    It's just bugging me that I can put my finger on it..
    Also..I am on the look out for a fushia, violet, purple bag...
    Any recs?? Price range up to $500
  2. I don't know that bag... BUT, if you like the look of it w/ the two pockets and short handles, you might try the Botkier Bianca. I don't know if it comes in the colors you are interested though. I think Bulga makes a bag w/ the two pockets in the front also.
  3. rebecca minkoff has some nice purple shades bags.
  4. i saw this bag at macy's 34th street A WHILE AGO... it felt funky, i liked the design... i do not remember the brand though.. i want to say laundry by shelli segal?... but i'm almost sure that is not it
  5. I saw somthing similiar in Vegas, it was a kipling bag. I think that this may be a Kipling katie bag $120.00.
  6. You should get the coach big duffle from the bleecker collection they have it in magenta IT's gorgeous!!! :girlsigh:
  7. I could almost swear that it is GAP because I used to work there and almost all there bags have the little circle on it and it says GAP! Almost positive!! Will find out though!
  8. I'll make you a Vegas bet that it is Kipling! I know I saw this bag in the Kipling store in Vegas, It was really worth buying. Let me know what you find out. :smile:. Also, All you guys and gals interested in Kipling they have outlet stores now! They have one in the Round Rock texas outlet!
  9. Nice work, Armcandyluvr!
  10. ^^ Thanks, but Purseloco also get's part of the credit. She mentioned that she thought it was Kipling before I did.
  11. It's a Kipling bag, collection "Hip", model "Katie".
    That fuchsia bag is from spring/summer 2007, now stocking spring/summer 2008, much improved design and colors.