Can I fit a Laptop into the Alma?

  1. My laptop is quite small, measuring 7.5" x 11" x 1".....could I use the alma as a work bag for my laptop, makeup bag, wallet, phone, & agenda?
  2. Alma fits 8 x 11 A4 paper, I think your laptop should fit but won't be able to zip it especially if you have other stuff beside the laptop. You may consider other bag like BH, lockit vertical,mahattan GM etc
  3. I would say no- not comfortably. Plus it would look awful IMO. I love the Bh for a laptop!
  4. that bag is not designed for a laptop sweetie...go for the messenger square style (cannot think of the name starts w/ a b) laptop fits in my LH great bag...Lockit Horizontal love it
  5. Syntagma I miss your blonde hair ever time I see your avatar I think of your blonde Marilyn Monroe actually look like her with blonde hair...will you ever go back to blonde...blondes rule IMO even bottle blondes would be cool on you....Bh great suggestion
  6. I want something in damier---not a huge mono fan, so the lockit and BH wouldn't work for me :o( I've been wanting an alma for so long...
  7. I don't think the Alma will work. What about saleya?
  8. my thoughts do not like mono canvas:wtf: ...why:confused1: love it:heart:
  9. Yeah go for the Saleya or something in epi instead.
  10. Maybe a tote like the Parioli or Chelsea?
  11. I have a sub laptop that I can put into most of my bags.. but it's hard with a padded sleeve. I suggest something a little more durable simply because you should always have a padded sleeve around lappies !
  12. Batignolles Horizontal would be good.
  13. I highly doubt it.
  14. i think a shoulder tote would be more suitable. not sure about the BH, since it's not a very structured bag... i've tried putting my laptop in the BH, it really weighs it down. then again, my laptop is kinda bulky.