Can I find great sheets at Bed, Bath & Beyond?

  1. I want the softest possible and maybe some that don't wrinkle too much? Any recs?? The last set I bought was like sandpaper and I'm so mad that I can't return them! I'd like to get some that come personally recommended. TIA!

    I don't have to go to BB&B but I'd like to pick them up tonight.
  2. I got some at BBBY that are 600 thread count and they are wonderful! They have lasted well through many many washes with Clorox (I like them white white). Very satisfied.
  3. actually has some really great sheets. I bought my mom a set of 600 TC there and she loves them!
  4. Thanks, girls! Yeah, I've heard many recs for sheets from but I'd like to get some on my way home (sheets emergency, if you will. lol). Deborahsue, do you recall which brand they were?

    I read somewhere that 300 TC is actually the way to go, just make sure it's the good fabric. I need to read up on that a little more. Hmmm.
  5. A friend recommended some sheets to me just yesterday actually from BBB. They had Beach in the name but I can't remember the whole name. Beach something or something Beach...:biggrin: She said they are fantastic.
  6. try and find *Egyptian Cotton* in a minimum of 400tc
    Dept stores often have good selections as well.
  7. Yeah, I doubt you can feel the difference above 400 tc. Keep in mind that good old cotton flannel (or jersey fabric) is amazing in a different way.

    I bought some relatively inexpensive cotton jersey sheets from Garnet Hill's web sale and they are much, much more comfy than the pricey 400 tc cotton sheets we splurged on. Go figure. The Company Store also sells jersey sheets that go on deep discount regularly.
  8. i LOVE cotton jersey T shirt sheets. they're all i sleep on. they're cheap SOFT and did i mention cheap? they're also pretty durable and come in loads of colors. i like them way better than the one pair of 600 count cotton ones i spluged on...but they do wrinkle something fierce. :smile:
  9. Daisy
    They are 600 count "Hotel" Linens, private labeled for BBBY. I liked them so much I have a second set still in the original wrappings!
  10. I got some great 1000 count sheets there for much less than anywhere else. I would definitely buy sheets there again.
  11. What I meant to say is that I read that 300 ct were actually better than higher, as long as it was the right material (probably egyptian cotton).

    ANYWAY... I'm dying. I bought the BB&B Hotel 600 tc. They felt fabulous in the store. AFTER I washed them and went to put them on the bed, I noticed they were CALIFORNIA king instead of king. So $100 down the tube. This is after I spent $100 the night before on a crap set that felt like sandpaper. What to do????????? I could just strangle myself.

    Thanks all for your comments.
  12. I find some great sheet sets at Marshalls. They're usually under $60 for a set. You might want to try taking them back to BB&B and explain the size situation mix up--it doesn't hurt to ask and be nice.
  13. For the record, I got the Bed, Bath & Beyond Hotel Sheets (the ones deborahsue mentioned) and they are TO DIE FOR!!! They're like butter. Can't beat them for $100 + 20% off coupon!
  14. I got a set that's a 650 tc for $80!!!
  15. I caught a clearance sale at Sears Home Store and picked up something like a 1000 count sheet set for $24.99 :rolleyes: I haven't used them yet though.