can I dye suede shoes myself?

  1. Hi I was wondering if there is some type of spray (?) that I can get
    I want to dye my suede shoes from blue to black....can I do it myself or do I have to take it to a shoe place (I'm lazy :smile:) TIA!
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  3. I just posted my home dye job
  4. i did a search but didn't find the info i was looking for thanks for the links
  5. You should be careful with suede leather, I read a story here about a cobbler refusing to dye louboutins because it could ruin the high quality suede.
    But let us know what you find out, and good luck:smile:
  6. i searched for this too. i haven't seen a pic of anyone who has dyed their suede shoes. i was thinking of dying mine too.
  7. I have yet to find a cobbler that would dye suede, so I certainly would not attempt to do it on my own.
  8. I haven't been able to find a cobbler brave enough to dye suede either. I dyed kid leather and it turned out beautifully.
  9. I'm tempted to try it myself. I have a pair of Sigerson Morrison pumps in taupe that somehow got dark marks on the instep. If these can't be rescued I'll send them over to Goodwill.

    Found this link for suede dye:

    Also Lincoln has suede dyes in many colors - just can't find a place to purchase them from (yet!)
  10. my friend got a nice pair of suede boots for a steal- but they were purple, a color she wouldn't wear. she dyed them black and they look great! the dye did come off on some socks, but worth it! gl!