Can I come in? I finally own a MJ bag again!

  1. So, I've spent the past year getting rid of my MJ bags - goodbye Sophia, Pocket Satchel, Zip Clutch, tote, tote number 2...but, I've always wanted a Venetia. I just love how it looks and the almond from Resort '04 (I think) has always been my favorite color. I've been stalking eBay and last week two almond Venetia's popped up! And another one this week which a fellow TPF'er bought - I hope she reveals herself once it arrives!

    I thought I knew my MJ well, but buying off eBay made me second-guess everything. I finally decided to just let it go and stop obsessing and just enjoy the bag. It bugs me that the strap does not stop exactly at the top of the front pockets, but that is the only flaw I can find and I've seen others at Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus that do the same.

    One thing though -- the handles pull on the bag and I'm worried about them stretching and putting too much strain on the leather (the 2nd picture). The bag was already wrinkly where the back straps are attached and I think it'll get more so because of the weight. Even if I put less in, the straps still pull so maybe there's no way around it. Have other Venetia owners noticed the same?

    All in all, I'm delighted to have an almond colored MJ again. I love the versatility and the turquoise suede lining brightens up my day no matter what. Now, I want another bag in the new spring '07 navy!
    MJ_front.JPG MJ_back.JPG MJ_inside.JPG
  2. loves it! wear it in the best of health and welcome back to marc!
  3. first-CONGRATS! second-girl you're gonna break your arm if you carry all that in that bag!! LOL:lol:

    but i had to go look at mine and i see what you mean about the pulling...i had never noticed it before...on mine it seems like its just the back that pulls...what about yours? mine isn't that bad tho...but i could see how it might get that way after several years of heavy use (or

    if you post pics in the authenticate this thread they'll help you out...they know there stuff
  4. Congrats-
  5. moodysmom10 - the sad thing is, I took that photo *after* I ate the lunch I was carrying and took all the little things I purchased out of it. Dang, it was heavy. Some guy was laughing at me doing curls with it at a stoplight when I was walking home, but he quickly got serious when he felt how heavy it was. Then, he just thought I was nuts for hauling that thing around with me instead of taking a cab.

    Yes, the back is where it pulls. Eh, if it gets worse, I'll take it in and see if they have any suggestions. The general consensus on the authentication thread was that the bag's the real thing. Otherwise, I would have already gone crazy comparing pics. :nuts: So, I left positive feedback for the seller and decided to just carry it until it falls apart or someone determines 100% that it's a fake (but I really, truly don't think it is!!!)
  6. Congrats on your Venetia! Glad that you were able come back and love Marc again. Good luck with the weight of your bag ;) !
  7. oh she's gorgeous congrats :biggrin:! :greengrin:
  8. congrats!!
  9. She's beautiful! Congratulations!! :smile:
  10. I love the Venetia in taupe, such a classic! Enjoy!
  11. Welcome back. Great color that goes with everything. The combo of the almond leather with the turquoise lining is so fresh.
  12. So beautiful!!! Congrats on your new Venetia!
  13. I love the bag~!!! Congrats!
  14. Great bag, great color. As a Venetia owner, I currently have 3, have sold 3, I would have to say from the pic's yours looks good. Enjoy!!
  15. Welcome back to MJ! great to have you!