Can girl's with hips wear Rock and Republics

  1. I'm a size 28. I usually wear SFAM or Citizens. I also have one pair of True Religions. I love Rock and Republics. However, I've only tried on one pair, out of many, that fit. I bought them!! I was wondering if you have hips or a slightly large a** do they fit? They mostly seem to gap in the back and show a plumber's crack. Does anyone else have this problem? Suggestions, comments please.
  2. Most of them do have really low rises. Try kiedis, the rise is higher than jaggers or roths.. I'm not sure which as the highest rise though..

  3. Good to know, thanks for the advice!
  4. Hi there. Im bigger than you (30-31) i have some hips :smile:
    and I find that RR's can be tricky, but some are awesome and I have some that fit great. Try the Scorpions, and the Kiedis.
    Good luck!
  5. I'm a 27/28. I notice that those that fit well initially stretch out and become too big in the waist after a few minutes of wear. I have JJ, Antik, Earl. I tried joes jeans, and loved the fit too, but they stretched out as well.