Can department stores order planners?

  1. I got a planner for xmas from my mom. Only problem its from TJ Maxx and a little beat up. I really want the black 6x8 turnlock planner that's on right now. I have a gift card for Dillards that I still haven't used and would love to get rid of it by purchasing a planner with it.
    Can stores like Dillards and Macys order a planner for you? When I bought my Ergo Hobo they said as long as its on the site they can order it, but I don't know if they met or

    Thanks girls!
  2. I'm sorry but i can't answer your question but i want to give you a little advice. I have the 6X8 tattersall agenda and i'm returning it because it weighs down my purse. you may want to try the 4X7.

    Have you tried calling dillards or macys with the style #? maybe they can order it for you.
  3. i worked at macys for 3 yrs and planners from coach are not something i ever saw sold at the store
  4. Well I could hope right? lol. I'm going to the outlets on Sunday, maybe I'll find something there.
    Thanks for the advice, I was leaning towards the 4x7 but thought the 6x8 may be good for my future career (teaching).
    : )
  5. I think the outlets would be your best bet. They have some great deals on agendas.

    I got a 3x5 Khaki/Rose agenda for about $30 and the Black RETRO GLOVE TANNED ZIP PORTFOLIO for about $90.

    The agenda retailed for over $130 and the portfolio is still on the Coach website for $298!

    SO definitely go to the outlet to check stuff out and let us know if you find anything! :yes:
  6. definitely check your local outlet! I got a 4 x 7 (the signature stripe with a turnlock closure in crimson) last week for 79.99 - 20% - 10%! It was like $57 before taxes.
  7. ^^^ I want that planner!!! Lucky!!!
  8. Wow those are some great deals! I went to Orlando yesterday, the outlet had nothing. So I bought the 6x8 black turnlock planner..but!! Today I found a punch one on eBay for 150 after shipping and insurance! Great deal, I think..ordered it, should be here this week!

    Thanks for all the help..this will looking amazing with the brown carly I want.