Can cats/dogs catch the flu???

  1. My adult cat had problems keeping his food down last week (for two days) and has been sneezing constantly for four days. Can cats catch a cold or the flu? i have never seen him sneeze so much before and he's about five years old. i wonder if i need to take him to the vet or just wait for him to get over it? :sad:
  2. Well there is "cat flu" which I think is one of the things their vacinations are supposed to stop?
    I would take him to the vet, it might not be flu, could have something irritating his nose or an allergy etc.
  3. This is something I have always wondered. I am not sure if they can catch a human virus or not. i am interested to know this!
  4. They cannot catch our flu, they have a different temperature than us.
  5. Did you change his food recently? Sometimes if a food doesn't agree with a cat, it will come up later.
  6. i did give him a new canned food but it stayed down before and after this sneezing bit. i also thought maybe he has something irritating his nose. he sprays everything with these sneezes, but it has trickled down now to two or three a day, so maybe he is getting better. if it persists i will take him in but i think he had a kitty cold or something.
  7. Your cat most likely has allergies. My 10 yo dog has seasonal allergies just like humans. He started getting sneezing attacks like 2 years ago. I always tell people not to pet him because he will snot all over them. LOL I don't want to recommend what to give your cat because it might be different from what I give my dog. Definitely call your vet and ask them about it.
  8. hubbawubba can they develop allergies out of the blue? he never had any before. he is only about 5 years.
  9. ^^^ Yes, out of nowhere, my dog starting getting allergies. Just like you, I thought he had a cold. I think its because I moved to a different state and it was the winter time. He was fine before then and the weather changes every season now. I notice that when the pollen count is high, my dog goes crazy with sneezing. My other doggie is fine though. Ask your vet about over the counter allergy medicine, he may even recommend ones for children. There are certain ones that my vet recommended for my dog. Like I said, cats may not be able to take the same ones.