Can anyone translate Oriental writing?

  1. Firstly sorry for the title I have no idea the origin of this writing so couldn't specify

    anyway I was given this many years ago and kept it I am interested in what it says can anyone please translate it for me.

    BTW if it says something totally boring like don't forget to pick up the dry cleaning then just lie to me LOL I've always thought it looked sweet
  2. well, i can read the english parts but i dont suppose thats any help:p
  3. Orangesmurf8 kindly translated it for me it says

    Feb 2 1995
    I will wait for you forever (Lee ka mun)
    In my life, I only love lee ka mun.
    You must come back to my side Ok
    You are the important part of my body.
    Signed by the person who gave it to you. I can't make out the name.

    On the side near I love you forever:
    Little wife, I will wait for you.
  4. ..Never mind.. Looks like it's been translated :p
  5. Just wanted to add I hope I did not cause any offence by using the term "oriental" in my title.

    I am sincerly sorry if I have it was not my intention

  6. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:none taken!! my bf usually says "what are we...rugs!!" i always crack up when i hear that term now!!
  7. Oh that's really nice of you to mention that! Did someone say something?

    My dad calls us orientals too. LOL!!!
  8. :yes: That's correct. I'm Chinese and that's pretty much it.

    How neat! I love things that have a history to them.
  9. im guessing it wasnt written for you claire. how did you acquire it?
  10. ALOT of people do this! It drives me nuts and I am not Asian. A good way to remember is Oriental desribes inanimate objects, like furniture, clothing etc. The translation was really beautiful :crybaby:. Sounds like he loved her very much!
  11. No Orangesmurf kindly explained that the term oriental is often used to describe objects I just wanted to apoligise in case any one was upset but didn't mention it.

    I didn't know the origin of the writing so wasn't sure if Asian would cover the whole possible area that it could have come from does that make sense?
  12. It's actually quite sweet (I think it is anyway) my Current Bf was once my boss and we used to paid cash rather than through bank transfer etc. anyway he included this note in pay one day

    He said when you care for somebody you should do something nice for them every day, due to the English writing he thought it had a nice message to it this was all about 5-6 years ago and today when clearering the spare room I found it in a box and through the magic of TPF I know know what it says

  13. well writing isn't a person is it? neither is a language ;) i didn't think it was offensive at all.

    but i don't think oriental has quite the same meaning in europe anyway. i'd never heard of it being offensive until about a year or two ago.
  14. neat..ur bf is very sweet!!! i would keep that just because even if we wernt together anymore....