Can anyone tell me about the embossed garnet bag?


Jul 25, 2007
I saw a bag that I think was a blue embossed garnet. Is this a patent? I am searching online and saw a picture in another color that looked pretty shiny. If you have seen it can you tell me if the bag is a pretty dark navy? Is the leather very stiff? Also, if anyone knows the style number so I can see if my outlet will watch for it. Thanks so much. I would appreciate any thoughts.


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Jun 21, 2007
Style 13919, does have a glossy finish. Similar to Patent, perhaps chemically the same, IDK. The body does have a softness, that is indicative of the body being able to be pleated. It's soft but not flimsy and not too structured either.

The Blue is not as dark as navy, it's a medium shade of blue, very pretty. I don't own this style number but when I saw the colors IRL, the Blue was by far my favorite! The contrast with the brass hardware is very nice!

Good Luck locating one, it's a Gorgeous bag!