Can anyone speak/read Portuguese - need translation..

  1. I have a postcard that I bought on eBay. It's of Crane Beach in Barbados and the handwritten message is from 1905.


    This picture shows up small when I post it in the thead but if you think you could help, plese PM me and I will give you my email.

  2. Hi :smile:
    I can speak portuguese.

    The first 2 lines say:

    The sea is moved by the winds.
    A man is moved by passion.

    I can't read the rest, but if you send me a better resolution image, i'm sure i can translate it easy :biggrin:
  3. No wonder I had trouble translating it after you sent it to me, BagLady - it's in Portuguese :shame: Sorry I couldn't be of more help!
  4. Cristina - I'm so sorry I wasted your time. Brasilian Babe sent me a PM saying that it was Portuguese and NOT Spanish. That shows how little I know! She is going to try to translate it.

    Those first two lines are good though. Don't you think? I'm sure postcards that I send are not that poetic!

    The sea is moved by the winds.
    A man is moved by passion.
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