Can anyone post their pictures of Rouge Garrance in Togo?

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  1. Rouge Garrance togo birkin? I tried the reference forum, but can't really see it because of the flash.

  2. Here is mine...
  3. Here's mine, pictured with the rest of my small Hermes family:

  4. Here's Mrs. P's Rouge Garrane with her siblings Parchie and Goldie.
    Togo, 35 cm, PHW BTW
  5. Hope this picture will give you a better idea...this is taken indoors with flash...RG is my wife's first Birkin...she loves it....PP
  6. Such a gorgeous colour, red is my favourite..
  7. These are gorgeous!!
  8. This is my baby :yahoo:
    RG with Twillies.jpg

  9. Unfortunately, I don't have one to show right now. I had to comment on how beautiful these bags are. I love the colors. So rich and gorgeous!:yes::love: