can anyone post a pic of what can fit inside the heart purse??

  1. I might be able to get my hands on the red/pomme one but I need some serious talking into it cuz if DH finds out, he's gonna flip his lid!!

    Pics would help tremendously!!
  2. Yes PLEASE! and the cosmetic case as well! :tup:
  3. If he's going to flip I wouldn't get it.. thats just my opinion.. I'd love to entice you but also the heart purse is so impractical... not worth getting a hubby heated
  4. Hmmm... imagine a pic with about a dozen coins in it.. that's about it! LOL
    They are adorable.. but so impractical! Having said that, I am waitlisted for the Pomme! hehe!
  5. I use mine to store my nano headphones in, coins, or my son's nintendo DS games. I have the gold and I'm getting the silver tomorrow.....amarante is on it's way, too, but I'm not sure if I'm keeping it. I love hearts!!!
  6. i used mine to put my pink ipod shuffle and headphones in it as well...nothing really fits it...but its trendy =)
  7. I use mine as a bag charm (pricey!). The size/shape is to small to fit much in it. But they are so cute!! :love:
  8. I use mine as a bag charm on the tivoli. lovely...........:drool: