Can Anyone Identify these bags, and their approximate value?

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    First Off I know these bags are authentic, because they were purchased by a family member who's fairly well off. Anyway, I have searched online and for the life of me, cannot come up with any leads as to the value or even model of each purse. All help would be appreciated thanks:

    Isabel Fashion Dragon *On the inside it says Sungod*

    This one says ChC on the front:

    LV of course....

    Gianni Versace

    And this last one is an MCM

    If anyone knows what models they are, or what they are worth, that would be fantastic. Please let me know in this thread, as I just registered, and don't have PM available yet. Thanks.
  2. No-one has any clue??
  3. All of your bags with the exception of the Verscasce appear to be vintage.
    MCM - german company from the eighties.
    LV - appears to be vintage style
    Other 2 handbags appear to be vintage bag from 60's
  4. They do look like some of the purses from the vintage website. Any approximate clue as to their value? Ballpark guess? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

    Or if not, perhaps a good point in the right direction to somewhere that would be able to? I've searched the web....and am at wits end.
  5. Anyone else please?
  6. If you're near a consignment shop, I'd try there.
    If not, try a few of the vintage resellers on the web who carry some higher end stuff. comes to mind, and the one mentioned in the post above -
    Might be worth a try to send them an email at least.
  7. The only two I can comment on are the LV and the MCM. We are going to need a picture of the inside of that LV bag. Is there a cloth tag in there that says "The French Company," for example? There are major LV experts on here who can give you an excellent guess about when it was made. Can you also give us a close up picture of the front where it says "Louis Vuitton, etc."

    That MCM bag was without question not made after 92. You might not get very much for it right now, so hang onto it for a little longer. The company went under in the 90s and changed hands thereafter, but is now under the direction of a Korean designer and is still in the process of making a big comeback. They are re-introducing their monogram line again this season. Once MCM gets its name out there again, then I'd try to sell it, but not now.
  8. [​IMG]


    If you need anymore please let me know. I sincerely appreciate the help.
  9. Sorry, but I'm fairly certain that LV is fake.
  10. As I said, this was stuff given to us by my moms aunt. She's fairly well off and I don't know if she would buy fake, but in the off chance it is, how can you tell?
  11. Yes, it is a fake. The Louis Vuitton should have round "o"s instead of the ones pictured, and the stitching is off and sloppy. Real LV bags will have top-notch quality all the way around. Hardware looks bad on this bag too. Real LV hardware will age well.
  12. Thank you I can just chuck this one in the trash....:P J/k. So it's pretty much worthless, that's a shame. Would 40 dollars be a deal for it? Or is that too much?

    ^Am I allowed to ask questions like that here?
  13. I second that motion on the LV being fake. The canvas is off and the interior is a big no-no.
  14. LOL! You're cute.

    It's actually illegal to sell them, so just give it to a child to play dress up or something. :tup: