Can anyone id this bag for me?

  1. I love the style but I don't recognize the brand. Thanks
    michael-strahan-and-nicole-murphy-4.jpg nicole-murphy-and-michael-strahan.jpg
  2. No idea, sorry :shrugs:
  3. I can't see it very well :shrugs:
  4. I can't really see it you have any other pics?
  5. I can't tell due to her arm. Any other pics?
  6. Looks nice, who is the girl, we can try google the occasion and find more pics...
  7. looks like snake skin, python perhaps? designer idk
  8. hi everyone. sorry about the size of the pictures. if you click on them, they expand. thanks. i'm dying to find out who makes this bag. the girl is nicole murphy, eddie murphy's ex-wife. i'm not sure what event she is attending though.
  9. here are some larger pictures. if you click on them, they'll expand. that's all i could find. she and michael strahan were attending the boy genius report. at least, that's what the event is called :shrugs:.

    i'm trying to figure out which designer or design house uses horseshoes (what's holding the bag to the strap on her shoulder) in its purses and i'm drawing a blank.
    77482823.jpg 77482824.jpg 77484102.jpg
  10. I'm not sure who makes it, but I find it kind of stunning and creepy at the same time.