Can Anyone ID These Shoes?

  1. I think they're fierce! I must have them. Thank you lots.

  2. They look very similar to the YSL Tribute pump, perhaps a variation of that style or a new style for Fall 07. I love them.
  3. That was my first thought. Thanks.
  4. I have a few pairs of the YSL tributes and they do look similiar to the ones shes wearing. I would deffinitely check with YSL.
  5. I was at Barneys last night and saw new variations of the YSL tribute pump for Fall'07. Although I did not see this specific style, I did see other similar tribute pumps with patent leather trim. So this shoe is probably part of the Fall collection, try checking the YSL boutiques.
  6. THose are FOR SURE YSL...I was just at the boutique yesterday and tried them on..they are SOOOOOO cute, but the top of the toe area did this weird "bubble" i ended up getting the normal mary janes instead..
  7. Wow those are gorgeous!! Does anyone know the style name and the retail price??