can anyone help my dh

  1. he is confused about the difference between sellier and retourne. do we have any close up visuals?
  2. There is one in the informative catalog (or used to be). Let me go see if I can find it for you.
  3. I've got the two Chevres together....I'll see where the heck that is, HH.....

  4. go to the reference thread..hmm..look at mine and la van's fuschia one? is that close enough?
  5. I could not find the side by side pictures, but here are a few explanations that might be helpful:

    Hermesgroupie explained that:

    and from 24, Faubourg

  6. side by side is key. shopmom - that's perfect... he might need a closer example. but this is an excellent start, thank you!!!
    now can anyone come over and help me hold him down and force him to look at tpf?
  7. oh jag, wow thank you.
  8. my pleasure!:flowers:
  9. HH,
    If your dh cannot identify the difference between the 2 styles, describe to him what I told my dh (from a layman's perspective)

    Sellier: where you can see the "raw" stitching running along the edge of the Kelly

    Retourne: where you see a smooth leather piping instead.

    I started with telling him what I read on this forum, about how the 2 different Kellys were made and after awhile, I knew I'd lost him. :Push: So I kept to the bare minimum (as above) and nothing more. :sweatdrop:
  10. mrssparkles, that's brilliant. you're like an interpretter for DHs. i will try it on him tomorrow.
    thank you, everyone!
  11. IT WORKED!!!:yahoo: :yahoo:
    thank you all. he understands now. :wlae: :wlae:
  12. So, which one is he going to get you for all your trouble?!:amuse: