Can anyone help me? My daughter has asked that I fix her earrings for Christmas!!??

  1. She has the CCs and one of the crystals has disappeared. I would love to fix them for her but not sure how to go about it. Iam sure she has tossed the box and more than likely all documentation on them or she wouldn't be asking me to hassle with them. Can anyone provide me with an address or something??? I don't live anywhere near a boutique so is there someway I can send them in or something? Has anyone just taken then to their jeweler before? I think it is just one of the Swarovskis. Help - anyone?!?!:sad:

  2. You can try calling the Chanel 800#. They will probably suggest a boutique for you to the earrings for repair.

  3. OK thanks!
  4. or you can contact the store you purchased from, and ask them to send in for repair. Good luck!