Can anyone help me locate a Brown Modern Chain tote to get @ SAK egc event?

  1. I was told by my s/a that there are not any, but my friend said her mother in law was able to reserve one?:confused1::confused1:
    Prefer a e/w – but a n/s would be fine too.
    Any help would be really appreciated – THANK YOU :smile:
  2. I'm pretty certain that Saks did NOT order any MC tote in brown. At least I didn't see it in their Look Book.

    Neimans only ordered the brown in EW. The only NS brown tote I saw was at Chanel boutique and Nordstrom. HTHS.
  3. Thanks - OCgirl :smile:
  4. Saks ordered the black modern chain.,,
  5. I saw a e/w modern chain in brown glazed leather in Hong Kong Chanel last's 22300hkd, about $2860 USD
  6. Just met the Saks SA for the first time...
    According to her, Saks is getting the MC E/W tote in black, the MC hobos in black and brown, and not getting any N/S totes.
  7. Thanks Fan Addict :smile:
  8. Is the brown very dark brown that it could almost pass for black, or is it a true brown?
  9. hi, yes, the dark brown is pretty dark, like the difference between milk chocolate and dark chocolate. In a dark room it could look black.

    And as a correction, Saks DID get the modern chain in the n/s in dk brown. Saw one at Saks Phoenix last week. MY SA is Maddy. 602-955-8000. Good luck!
  10. Trishaluvslv-

    Maybe you saw a different one :crybaby:
    My friend just talked to Maddy and she said they do not have the n/s?????
    She said they only got it in the hobo style.
    Thanks anyway though....
  11. sorry, it must have sold because I did try it on. MAddy is a doll but she is not totally up on all the latest and greatest and hard to find stuff or tracking down sold out bags...if I really want something hard to get, I have started working with Pam at chanel south coast plaza in Newport! good luck....