Can anyone help decipher the authentication number?

  1. I just found the forum today, really a great site! I try to keep my bag addiction under control, since I'm a pretty hard-core designer shoe addict, of the Carrie Bradshaw ilk, but.... I have 3 BVs of various types that I bought on eBay in the last year or so, with the most recent one just received a couple of days ago. I've been buying other things (e.g., the aforementioned shoes) for years now, so am pretty careful (primary criteria is that the seller have lots of positive feedback for high-quality merchandise). I think all three bags are authentic -- all are lovely soft cushy leather, soft pale suede interiors, proper font on the stamping, well-made bags, and from very reputable sellers.

    However...I noticed when I was checking them all out and comparing that the authenticity numbers of two of them have a different format from that of the third bag. Can anyone explain to me how the BV Certificato di Originalita numbering works? Might I be able to tell from the number if any of the bags might in fact be (horrors!) fake, or get any other details about the bag (when it was made, etc.)? Thanks a bunch for helping a newbie!
  2. It looks like the last three letters on a couple of them are the color, but the third one doesn't have that. That one has a format of: six digits V+four digits five digits. I seem to see quite a few with that format as well. Are both legitimate? Do they need to have another row of digits at the bottom of the tag, closer to where it's sewn in? Now that I noticed the difference, I'm obsessing a little...
  3. I'm hoping someone who knows this stuff comes along. I'd ike to know, too!