Can anyone explain this to me?

  1. If you wanted something and asked for it you were automatically disqualified from getting it.

    A girl uses that as a reason why she wouldn't give her chocolate Easter egg to her little sister.

    I'm reading Rachel's Holiday. Rachel grew up in a Catholic family and that's how the family went about things. Rachel's sister Margaret at one point said, "And Holy God said because you've asked, it makes you unworthy. You weren't humble."

    Where is that in the Bible and what exactly does that mean? Surely it couldn't apply to anything as trivial as an Easter egg!

    Does that mean you can't pray for specific things?

    I'm sorry, I'm a little confused.
  2. It means:

    When dealing with others, be humble. Do not ask them for something they have because you want it. Wait until you are offered if you are.

    It doesn't mean that we cannot pray to God to answer our prayers, whatever they may be for. It doesn't mean that you can't ask God whatever you will.

    It just means, be humble, do not be a "taker", be a giver.
  3. Thank you! :balloon:
  4. I think there's another side to it too.

    Think about whether you would ask your SO for an engagement ring or gift. If you have to ask, it's not as special. :sad:

  5. I love that. I can't believe some of the things that people ask for. I wish people would follow this more often.
  6. I understand the not asking for an engagement ring. But honestly, I think the Easter egg was a tad much.

    Rachel's sister didn't even eat the egg when she got it on Easter. It was September when Rachel asked for it. I think my parents would've said her sister was on a power trip.
  7. So Rachel wound up eating the egg anyway. Then she and her family got locked out of the house.

    Rachel was convinced that God was punishing her for eating the Easter egg.

    Yeah . . . not liking the whole Catholic guilt thing so much.