Can anyone describe the leather on the silver YSL Besace

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  1. I'm considering buying one, and I haven't seen the leather IRL. Is it crackled? Does it look durable? Thanks in advance!
  2. no one at all?
  3. It's a crackled leather, where you can actually see in between the silver metallic. I think for the long run, it will help the bag to look better as the metallic finish rubs off because it's not a smooth, uniform color so missing metallic won't be as noticeable. I saw a bronze Easy in the same type of metallic where the bronze had worn off in a few places, and it definitely looked better than if it had been a solid color.

    adoptastray's picture of hers in the sun shows the texture really well, especially along the right side of the bag where the sun is hitting it:

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    Hi Cosmopolitan, yes I did a search and saw adoptastray's photos and review, but I also read a couple of posters saying that their DH's didn't think it was actually leather. I was wondering if it had that metallic paint sprayed over suede effect that some of the Mike & Chris leather jackets had last season. btw thanks for the links:smile:

    Shazam, thanks for the info on the crackled texture and the way the bags tend to wear. That's exactly what I was curious about.:tup:

    This is why I love TPF, all the great helpful members! I've been a member for close to 3years and I'm just getting into YSL. I'm formerly a chloe girl but now, my secret fantasy is to score a muse 2 on sale!
  5. Oh my! But then my DH thought my balenciaga was some bag from Target. To him, fancy bags are supposed to have fancy hardware which the original bbags do not.

    I didn't see the Mike & Chris jackets but I know what you mean about metallic paint sprayed over suede. I returned a Sissi Rossi bag to Barney's because it looked like someone had just sprayed metallic paint on suede--kinda tacky.

    The volcano texture on the YSL bags is different that anything I've seen. All the crackle leather bag's I've seen have been on non suede leathers. The volcano leather is a suede at its base. My buest guess how they made the texture is this. Some sort of laminate was fused on (not sprayed looking) and then the suede was stretched to make the laminate break apart leaving a look of little islands of shine floating on a suede sea. The more the bag is used, the more the suede will become evident. What I like about the volcano finish versus other crackle leathers is that it is much softer due to the suede. What makes the finish look different than metallic sprayed on suede is that the laminate has a mirror finish which plays with light beautifully.

    Each time I wear the bag, someone asks me about it or compliments me on it. I'm wary around metallic bags because I don't pull them off that well (maybe because I'm very pale and they can wash me out). This is the first metallic I've truly loved and looks good on me. The bronze version looked beautiful too and was very flattering.
  6. Thanks adoptastray, the volcano leather sounds amazing- I went ahead and placed the order:smile:!

  7. Interesting, I didn't know it had a suede base! But you're right, the metallic doesn't look "sprayed on" at all. The leather looks like it is magically really that colour!