Can a medium carryall be a shoulder bag?

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  1. I'm trying to come up with some ideas for DH for Christmas. Ideas for gifts for ME that is. I really like the look of the Hamptons medium carryall. I am an hour away from the closes store, though. Without being able to try on a bag, it is hard to tell how it will feel on the shoulder. Is this bag okay for a shoulder bag or is it only a handbag?

    My second choice would be the newer style Chelsea medium hobo. Since I like a bag that can be either a handbag or a shoulder bag, which would be better?

    For reference, my two fave bags right now are my black signature legacy slim flap and my chocolate signature medium soho hobo. That is about the size/feel I like best.
  2. The carryall has a 7 inch drop, so its not a good shoulder bag. I have one in caramel and it goes on my shoulder but its a little tight and would never fit with a winter coat or really heavy sweater. I'm not familiar with the other bags though.
  3. Mine works fine as a shoulder bag. I always put in on my shoulder and it fits fine even with a coat. I am 5'7 but quite small though. If your arms are on the bigger side, it might be a tight fit.
  4. Very true. If you want something more comfortable, the chelsea is the way to go.
  5. The medium carryall is great for a shoulder bag. I have one and its super comfy. I think you love it!:okay:
  6. I wear mine as a shoulder bag most of the time. It fits great!