Can a Kelly be casual enough for everyday use?

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I want a bag that can be dressed down for casual, everyday usage, and worn with jeans, shorts, etc. I know that the Birkin is considered more casual than the Kelly, but I think the Kelly bag is prettier. I know that there are more casual Hermes options, but I want to stick with something iconic and recognizable, like the Kelly. So I am interested in buying a Kelly, but I am wondering if the Kelly ever looks appropriate with causual summer attire, like shorts or above the knee jean skirt. Please do not hold back, please give me your opinions:

    1) If a person is wanting a Kelly for casual usage, what is the best leather texture? The Togo? And can a Kelly ever look appropriate with shorts?

    2) What is the best size for casual wear? I'm assuming that the smaller sizes look dressier. I am 5'7" and do not carry huge amounts of stuff in my purse, so I do not need a big size, but I am just associating a larger bag with a more casual look.

    Thank you in advance and I love this forum!
  2. Welcome!

    I would say that a 32 cm kelly is great for casual wear. One could probably get a way with a 28cm but the extra room is handy on so many occasions.

    I think you can wear a Kelly with anything. Add a scarf or twilly to it for a more nonchalant look. I would suggest a blue tone (take a look at Rockerchic's new Birkin) for a easy color to wear whatever the season.
  3. I also think 32 is a great size for your height. a kelly w/ inner stitching gives a casual look. softer leather w/ texture like clemence or togo also helps.
    and yes...kelly can definitely be casual for everyday use!
  4. I agree that a 32cm is probably a good size for you. As Fesdu said, clemence or togo would be a good choice of leather for a casual look. I would also pick pal or ruthenium hardware instead of gold. I have a 28cm black clemence Kelly with ruthenium hardware that I wear with just about everything. Let us know what you decide.
  5. Well, this may be just me, but I have a 32 kelly sellier in black box - a very formal combination - and I wear it with everything. I think it looks great with jeans and a white shirt. If you want a less formal look, get a retourne instead of a sellier - my next bag will probably be a 35 kelly retourne. Let us know what you decide!
  6. Yes for the 32 but make sure it's the 'retourne' or 'supple' style.

    My favourite is a 32 gold Kelly retourne in Swift leather with gold hardware. It's perfect. Perfect with Jeans, perfect with nice shorts, perfect for dressier occasions.
  7. Fesdu, I think this thread NEEDS 2 of your photos to make the point >> the sidewalk photo (my all time fave) and the Maldives shot :yes: :p
  8. Agree with the above posts re: 32 cm, souple style, in clemence or togo (or other similarly textured leather).
  9. I can't answer the shorts question as I don't think my legs have seen the light of day in about 20 years but I have a 28cm Chocolate Box Sellier Kelly that is just fantastic for all my casual days. When I want to use a Kelly.....this is the one I reach for 9 out of 10 times.

    That being said.......if I'm in my sweats or REALLY dressed down, I carry my Barenia Trim.
  10. Agree with ladies above;)
    I think Kelly can be casual in souple/retourné
  11. I love the Kelly casually! I am 5'7" as well... but not a skinny-minny and I love the 35cm. I think it is fab! I think the larger it is, the more casual it looks!

    Good luck - you can't go wrong with a Kelly!!
  12. cowbelle, you've been given great advice! Below, are a couple of pictures showing Kelly in various moods:yes: The first is of a Black Clemence Kelly 28, souple with gold h/w paired with jeans and a t-shirt, which is my usual state of dress.

    Second pic is one of a Potiron Clemence Kelly 35, souple, pall h/w paired with a matching Hermes belt and black skirt and sweater for work or shopping.

    Hope these help you:smile: And as for the question of wearing Kelly with a denim/jean skirt, most definitely!!


  13. Thank you all so very much! I truly appreciate your taking the time out to advise me and link me to photos!
  14. ^ isus - drool over your Kellys!

    You could totally do long-ish bermuda shorts with a classic white v-neck tee and some very stylish flat sandals and a BJ, orange, gold Kelly - or some other yummy color. Add an H Scarf as a belt or a headscarf and it's a fantastic look!