Cameron Showed Up On "Ellen" Wearing Not Too Much Of A Dress, But, Killer Heels !!!!

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG]

    When Cameron Diaz hit up 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' yesterday, fans got a near glimpse of her junk in a daring itsy bitsy teenee weenie brown dress.
    Was it too short? Ellen certainly thought so!

    [​IMG]Most hearts stopped when Cameron showed off her 6" nude patent leather pumps with light pink Swaroswski crystals. Does it get any hotter?
  2. I was going to post this and forgot!
    She looked divine! She seems like any girls' best bud to me, sometimes she grates on me, but usually I can totally relate to her sense of humor and she cracks me up!

    She said in the interview that she's commitment phobic and not interested in marriage when Ellen kept probing.
  3. OMF those shoes are HOT!!

    I bet at least Cam was wearing undies!! I think she looks hot in that dress. She's a cutie pie!
  4. Those shoes are soooo hot!!! I love Cameron.
  5. Those look like Louboutin? Love her and the shoes. Although, I really wish she would never try to dance on film ever again. She can't dance.
  6. She seemed to dance fine in the Charlie's Angels movies! (I especially loved the Hammer Dance in Full Throttle!)
  7. her legs are unbelievable!
  8. omg are those heels available in stores??
  9. OMG, why is she just wearing a shirt?
  10. she looked great! those shoes and that outfit are Hot!
  11. I love those shoes, just saw them at Elle. Major droolage!
  12. she's soo sexy and her dress is great
  13. Wow! Those shoes!:love:
  14. I think the joke is that she can't dance and that's why they have her do it in the movies. I think the dress is H-O-T. If you got it, flaunt it!
  15. What brand are those shoes? I want some!