Camera Ready and Classified Cosmetics

  1. Has anyone ever tried this line? It is a spray foundation that lots of tv shows use. Carmindy from "What not to Wear" uses this for the show and on herself. I was wondering if it was very heavy or not. It looks very interesting especially the spray on eye shadows.

    Then there is which is for professional makeup artists. I am wondering if these are too heavy for everyday life. TIA
  2. I use either Era foundation or Suzanne Somers foundation professionally(hair salon). It works really well for a flawless base to the makeup application. I especially like it for applying formal makeup.
  3. you seriously have to try Alexis Vogel foundation, concealer and will look so fabulous!! its at you seriously wont believe your'll like a high paid makeup artist applied ur makeup ..its the best thing(beauty wise) that has ever happened to me
  4. ^^ Isn't that the mu artist that worked with Pam Anderson during Baywatch? I thought her company closed down?
  5. It did. She was not happy with the quality so she left MakeupConnection. They still put makeup out with her name on it, but she has nothing at all to do with it. Then she formed AlexisStyle, which sold on QVC and was a superior product, but then the company she was working with made some decisions she did not agree with morally, so currently she has no makeup line she is working with at the moment. She posts a lot on Makeup411. Alexis is a very nice person with a ton of integrity.
  6. Does the Classified Cosmetics Era foundation spray photograph well?