Camellia ring

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  1. desparately need help for all tpfers. anyone have seen the metal camellia ring in any color floating around in anywhere? if you do, please leave me a msg. i have been trying to track one down for the last 2 weeks from East Coast to Hawaii and from Hawaii to HK and to Macau. ...:yes:
  2. I saw a black camellia ring at the duty free Chanel stall in Incheon Airport, Korea last week. Good luck!
  3. I saw a black and brown, not sure if the pink is sold or not @ Saks, San Antonio. Ask for Brandi or May for help if you need SA recommendation (let them know you are from Purse forum, they pamper PFers!) Good luck :flowers:
  4. Do u have the number of Saks at San Antonio?
  5. Does anyone know how much is a camellia ring usually? thank@
  6. I saw the pink and black at the Phoenix Saks a few weeks back.. might still have it?