Camelia Ring Help me locate please!

  1. Hey gang!

    My DH bought these earrings for me for VD. I would like to try and find the matching ring.


    has anyone seen this? Price? Any help would be totally appreciated!!!!
  2. Shoot the picture of it isnt showing up. It is on the celeb on page five.
  3. I can see the pic
  4. No I posted another picture of a model wearing it. :sad:
  5. oh Selena, those are gorgeous!!!!! :drool:
  6. Is it the Cachlonj ring?

    I couldn't find the pic on "celeb page 5".
  7. OK its on the last page Post #227.
  8. [​IMG]
  9. Ooops, I FUTMs. Oh well. I just checked the Nordstrom lookbook and didn't see it in there. I didn't see this ring at Neimans either.
  10. selena, if you are talking about the cacholong ring it is $2300. cacholong is the same stone like what cameos necklaces are made of. It is also available in black onyx. I've been wanting this ring as an engagement/promise ring (bf and i are unconventional and we are adamantly against purchasing diamonds). So lovely! However, I have heard the ring is quite big. The flower is big enough to be costume jewelry and not really daily jewelry.
    There is also a camelia ring that is made of diamonds on the chanel website.
  11. ooooh Selena...those earrings are to die for!! So cute!
  12. I think I've seen some on eBay so check there! Hope you find it.
  13. selena, i *may* have seen this ring at the chanel boutique in south coast plaza (costa mesa, california). i was not looking closely, but they had a TON of things in this sparkly camellia ligne including your earrings that you posted in post #1 here.
    the # is 714-754-7455. i usually work with marie there. you can let her know jennifer says 'hi'!
  14. Thanks Jennifer! I am going to try now!!
  15. OK so I found out they dotn have it but I did find out its the CAMELIA STRASS collection. SOOO I am going to call 800 and see if they can find it.