Camel colored Stam??

  1. Hello! I had a question for anyone who knows...I saw a girl walking with a Camel colored Stam yesterday (not a beige but a true tan-y camel color)- I looked on the MJ site and I didn't see it as one of the colors- and my NM did not have this in their book- is this a real color or another fake? If it is authentic does anyone have one or a picture of it? :smile: thank you!!
  2. It's a real color. The camel was either a spring or summer release. For whatever reason, MJ left the Stam off his site for a while so it's hard to catalog the colors. The site currently only has the fall Stam colors up. As well, NM, BG, and Saks didn't carry the bags online.

    Was it kind of a mustard-ish-tan?
  3. I agree there is a carmel (camel) colored Stam with I believe black stiching in between the quilt pattern. This was part of MJ's spring/summer line.

    There was also a tan colored stam from even earlier, but this color was much more dirtier looking, def. not camel color
  4. interesting! thank you! It was a not a mustard camel but more of a carmel camel not a tan- but I don't think I saw black stitching, but who knows, I was sitting a little far away from her. does anybody have pictures of this bag and do we think anyone would still be carrying it even?
  5. That is a true MJ color. I had the bag from the MJ store in New York but decided against it for the taupe. The camel bag had the linen lining the taupe bag had the suede lining. Since he is not using suede in his bags I decided to keep the taupe to add to my colletion.
  6. ^^That bag is available at the NM and Nordy's in San Diego.

    If you want to buy it through Nordy's, their number is 619.295.4441--ask for Joseph--he's the best! If you want to order through NM, the number is 619.692.9100, ask for Debra.

    Good luck!
  7. thanks everyone! I decided I'm going to order one- undecided between the black, camel and taupe...thank you daisy for pointing out that auction- I think the taupe would be a better color for me in this style- although I do love camel bags! :smile:
  8. *woot* Another rave for Joseph!

    I think my NM (Houston) had it too.
  9. Airress, Taupe is no longer available. Did you see one recently?
  10. Go for Taupe+SuedeLining if you see it -- mostly likely a returned item. Would be nice if you can inspect it before buying it, felt so bad for Abaglover...

    I choose Black over Camel.
  11. I saw Camel Stam today at Bloomingdales. It's a beautiful caramel color! I'm thinking of getting it.
  12. i ordered a taupe stam from NM- hope it is not a damaged return!
  13. Airess, congrats for finding a taupe stam!!! Worth a try, hopefully, it'll be a good one. There are times where people buy bags they aren't sure of and end up returning them.
  14. Winterpearls3, keep us updated. =)