Came home empty handed....

  1. Well today my fiance decided to bring me up to the Wrentham outlets. I was hoping to find myself an Ali...but there were none. Needless to say, my trip to the outlet was unsuccessful. But I did see a Mandy and I am glad I did. I really wanted to buy this bag but now that I saw it it is much to big for me. I think I just need to stick to my ban, sell a couple of bags on eBay and wait until the next PCE. I have decided that I don't need any new bags or accessories...yes I want them but I don't NEED them. So yes I am still banned...:crybaby:

    For anyone who is wondering at the Wrentham outlet there was:
    Legacy Satchels in black, natural, white and pond leather
    Mandy in black signature
    Red embossed Hampton tote
    Tons of clearance wallets
    Signature demi pouches
    And alot more but none fit my needs.
  2. thanks for the heads up -- sorry to hear you didn't find anything you loved -- hopefully they'll make something wonderful, just for you!
  3. I know what you mean about the mandy.. it's cute but huge and heavy! You have just got some beautiful nice bags, enjoy them! :yes: I bet something will catch your eye soon enough.. I know it always does for me! :rolleyes: Are you keeping your gardenia leigh?
  4. awww the mandyy :crybaby: i want! haha
    was it really that heavy?
  5. Ya I have decided to keep my gardenia. I ordered the Apple Conditioner so once I use that on her I will feel better about taking her out. I just hope it doesn't change the look, feel or color of the leather.
  6. oh I am glad you made your decision! :tup: You have some beautiful bags and all so recently.. enjoy them!!! (I am speaking to myself here too, it's my Coach therapy!) :upsidedown: Good for you for leaving emptyhanded, that is SO hard!!!! :yes:
  7. It was kinda heavy but thats not the reason I wouldn't get it. It was just too large for my needs and for me to carry around daily.
  8. Thanks! I know I am like AA for Coach lol. My fiance was there too and I feel weird buying Coach with him there because I feel selfish. But I am happy I didn't get anything because I don't really need anything. Thanks for your support with my Coach therapist! hehe
  9. hmm, i see i see.
    jw, how much was the black sig mandy going for at the outlet?
  10. Thanks for the info on wrentham. I called them yesterday looking for Ali in white....but no luck! Oh well....I should SAVE!!! my $$$$. I keep telling myself this...ugh.
  11. WOW...good for you for sticking to your ban!! NO buyer's remorse this way...:yes: I agree with the above posts, you recently acquired quite a few new bags...I would enjoy them and wait unitl the next PCE.
  12. I have the mandy (all leather) and i dont think its heavy..simliar weight to my large carly. its a big bag for sure but i love big bags so it works for me !
  13. Ah thanks for the heads up!
    I really wanted to make a trip out there!
  14. Good for you for sticking to your ban, also making a trip to an outlet and coming back with nothing takes a lot of will power ! What kind of clearance wallets did they have and at what prices, thanks
  15. Okay to answer some of your questions...the Mandy I believe was priced at $379.99 plus an additional 20% off. The wallets included blue optic (79.99 + another 20% off), a bunch of small black leather embossed (didn't check the price) and the wallet from the patchwork ergo line in red (179.99 + another 20% off) But there were a bunch of wallet but all the people shopping in there were pretty rude so I just wanted to get out of there. I was saying excuse me so I didn't bump into anyone and I just got dirty looks so I just wanted to leave at that point. But if anyone if looking for a new bag I would make the trip but if you don't need anything DON'T DO IT! You'll walk right into their trap! lol Good luck to anyone who decides to go up there! Oh ya when I walked in I saw a lady buying a chocolate signautre Ali slim flap and I got my hopes up but oh well! I'm better off not spending the money.