Cambon Sighting...

  1. I saw a black w/ black patent CC's and a black w/ white CC's in Chanel SOHO this morning. I don't know much about the cambon line, they looked like totes.
  2. on sale by chance?

    I only want one if I can steal it! LOL!
  3. I have no idea.... it wasn't with the sale items, they did have tons of summer shoes on sale and clothes.
  4. UGH! Shoes!?
    Mine never have much in the way of shoes :sad:
  5. There are 3 sizes of totes/buckets, a little one (usually too small for anyone), a medium and a large which is BIG. I have the medium and large and love them!!
    What shoes did they have? I'd love to have a pair of Cambon flats. I don't have a Chanel store very close and my Neiman's only has the mary jane styled ones. Sigh.
  6. If they were at a Chanel store, Im sure it wasnt on sale. They seem to only be on sale at Saks and NM.