Cambon Reporter vs. Cambon Medium Tote...which one?


Which bag??? Help me choose!

  1. Cambon Reporter

  2. Cambon Medium Tote

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  1. I have a chance to buy one of these bags. I love pink, so the color is perfect for me! I have hard time deciding which one to get though! I need a cute shoulder bag for summer that I could wear with casual outfits as well as with something dressier (for work). Which shape do you like the best? Please help me decide!

    Cambon Reporter
    (found this pic on Ebay; belongs to shopfirst)

    Medium Tote
    (found this pic on Ebay; belongs to thompk)
  2. I'm partial to the Reporter but only because I own it in beige. The Tote reminds me of an overpriced beach bag or child's pail.
  3. I am thinking of getting a medium sized much can you fit in it?

    Thank you for your response!
  4. Hah! Good way of putting it. :yes:

    I do agree that the reporter is more stylish. I own it in chocolate brown with chocolate patent CCs. Love it.
  5. Although I love them both, the reporter catches my eye first
  6. I have the same size Reporter in the pic (medium) and it can fit a lot. Long wallet, checkbook, cell phone with case (My phone is one of those ancient big ones, lol!), brush, makeup, keys. It's a great bag!!
  7. I have the cambon medium tote in pink and I love it...:heart: It is now my favorite bag. I do not consider it a shoulder bag. I feel it fits my everyday things, med. cambon wallet, small makeup case, cell phone, keys, small pad and there is still room left. My sister has the reporter but I am think it is the large reporter. It was something like $2,300 on the first markdown. Her bag is HUGE. Too big for her at first but I told her I thought it was great and once she saw how it looked with me holding it she felt it wasn't too big. I think if you are able to get the medium reporter that is a great bag. It really depends on the style you want. I myself like bags I can just get in to, I leave the zipper folded down on my med. cambon and to me if feels like the LVuitton bucket bag. I think the tote is a more casual bag and the reporter to me seems more classic. But I myself love both of them and pink is my favorite color so it really would be a hard choice.
    Good luck in deciding.:lol: Too bad you can't get both.
  8. The medium reporter was $2200 on the first markdown at NM. $2222 to be exact. There are three reporter sizes: mini, medium (the one pictured) and jumbo. There is no size called large.
  9. i voted for the tote! i dont know why... there is something that draws me to it!
  10. I prefer the tote. The reporter looks a bit odd in pink to me.
  11. Thanks everyone! I decided to go with the tote! I did want a Reporter but the one that was available was a jumbo one and it was HUGE!!!! I would never be able to fill that baby up and that would bother me! The tote is very cute and perfect for summer!

    Thanks for your advice! PFers are awesome!
  12. The reporter, TDF!!!
  13. I'd vote for the reporter as well. I have one in black & white logo. Love it so much!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  14. Do they still make the reporter or is it discontinued? I keep hearing about sales. Does that mean they dont make it anymore?

    Also does anyone know about how big the medium is or have a picture of it??

    Thanks :smile: :yes:
  15. The Reporter is still being made - only the beige/black and pink/black colors have been discontinued. It is still available in back/white and black/black and maybe even beige/beige (not sure of other colors). Here's my medium beige/black.