cambon OR classic CHANEL? help me choose...

  1. Hi, should I keep my chanel black with white cc grand flap cambon or should I exchange it for a medium classic caviar flap black with silver hardware?

    Help! What do you think pros and cons???

    Ps...if anyone has pics I'd appreciate it!
  2. I think it really depends on your personal style. Are you more strictly a "fun" or "classic" taste? Or do you not mind mixing the two up? (I'm more for mixing "fun" clothes with classic bags and vice versa.

    As for pros and cons.. I'm a college student (very soon to graduate:biggrin: ) and I'll carry my cambon pieces during errands and out to bars but never to clubs. I

    've had my medium 2.55 for a little over a month and have gotten TONS more use out of it but then again I have a lot more formal functions and dinners I have to attend to. I find my 2.55 to be a little more versatile, versus the cambon, because I can wear it formaly, with the double strands or shorten the strands to make it a clutch, or sometimes I'll wear it messanger style for a more fun funky look:yes: .

    Here is a picture of my Chanel family and how the medium 2.55 stands against the cambons :rolleyes: . Good luck on deciding!
    chanel family.jpg
  3. Like pink bai2bi said, it all depends on what you're going to do. I don't wear my classic chanel casually. I tend to wear it more when I'm dressed up and my cambon when I'm dressed down. I think every girl should have a classic piece, but if you're not going anywhere right now to use it, then get a cambon piece.
  4. Wow...great collections of chanels. Congrats on your graduation.

    Elong...your right about casual vs. Formal.

    I love both, I guess ill wait til christmas and hopefully I get one as a gift.
  5. I second elongreach's great advice.
  6. Gifts are always nice.:yes:
  7. Cambon is more casual and its more like something you would wear to go out and shopping

    Classic caviar is way more classic. You can wear it to work, to school, to go out, hit bugs with it, drop it, hit people with it, and it will resist everything! Its like superman!! (Seriously, I've tried quite a lot of things with my poor classic caviar and it is still standing and looking gorgeous! ... btw, I dont smash bugs with my caviar... :huh: ). This is a bag that will last longer and will always be on style.
  8. i personally am in LOOOOOOVE with the caviar. both are adorable, but caviar seems much more classy.. Plus, it's a classic so it'll never go out of season. You can wear it with pretty much everything (casual, dressy, etc.) so yes, i think you should get the caviar!
  9. The grand flap cambon is a little more functional. I love the classic caviar too, but find it doesnt hold as much. Now if you were asking about the Jumbo, it would be a different story.

    Anyway, if I remember correctly, the cambon large flap is the one that is kind of "classic" looking because they added the CC closure on it. So you have the best of both worlds with that bag!
  10. One of each........a black with white cambon and a classic.........sorry!

  11. Cambon will be hard to find later I think and you can get a black classic anytime; I have both bags and I love both with a variety of outfits from work to going out. I'd get the Cambon for now before it sells out.
    Here are two pics of ones I have.
    80_1.jpg chcc.jpg