Cambon Multipocket Owners. . . Help!

  1. I am contemplating on getting a cambon multipocket reporter. Ask me why, I don't know. I just think that its cute and beautiful. :yes:. I know its a bit late in the game but I just have to know how huge it is.

    Can you beautiful girls post pics of you carrying the bag on your shoulder and handheld. For those who own the mini reporter please post pics of that too so I can compare the 2 sizes of the bags.

    BTW, I am 5'2" and 100lbs. Please give me your comments if the Large multipocket will overwhelm me

  2. This is my large Reporter. I am 5'2", 113 lbs.
    ChanelShoulder.JPG ChanelShoulder2.JPG
  3. Thanks roey dear your a big help!
  4. roey, do you think its too big on you? or you love the size?
  5. I just posted a thread entitled: keep my new mini reporter or wait for the trunk show? My camera is dead right now and I did not save them to repost for you so maybe those pics will help you out some. The thread is probably on page 2. BTW I am 5-7 and 118 lbs if that helps. Good luck!;)
  6. thanks kristie.
  7. I love the reporter too and wanna get one myself :smile:
  8. Jen, I dont think it is too big for me at all. The size is perfect; it holds all my essentials with room for more if needed. It is, however, a little bit clumsy due to the bulk and width. It stays on my shoulder as long as I push it behind me versus let it hang straight down. It will bump into things and people yet still looks as new as the day I purchased it. I love this bag; it was my very first Chanel. I fell in love with it after seeing a photo of Heather Locklear carrying the beige/black Reporter in a tabloid three years ago. When it went on sale last spring I immediately bought it!