Cambon Messenger Bag *sizes*

  1. Hi all!

    I am really liking the Cambon messenger bag that Luccibag models in the ref. thread. Hers in the white/python and of course it's sold out at the Toronto Chanel... Quel Surprise.:cursing:

    There are still white/black and black/white still available in both sizes. Anyway, I am wondering if anyone might have the larger one and can post pix. ?? TIA!
  2. I think Rebecca (LVBabyDoll) has one, I will bump this so she can see the thread.
  3. Thanks :smile:
    I do have the larger one and it's really large...but IMO it's a better buy to get the larger one since the smaller one costs nearly the same amount. I'll take modeling pics for you tomorrow if you want but here it is in a comparison with my other Cambons so you can see what it looks like for right now (the pink is the medium tote and the black is the large tote):
  4. Thank you! But now I am confused, the one that luccibag has is a long strap, cross body bag. I thought the large one would be the same? (your bags are tdf btw!)
  5. The ones that Lv posted are of the tote and the reporter bags, they are not the messenger bag, Whistlerchick. Have you tried looking in the refrence libary under 'photos of you with your chanel' and 'photos of your Cambon' I am preTty sure you will find pictures of the messenger in the larger size in the colours that you explained. I hope this helps you :yes:
  6. I have the medium one and it is the perfect size. The large is Huge! I found the shape to be rather cumbersome at the large size, the medium fits quite a bit, all your daily essentials. HTH!

  7. Sold out? I've been to two boutique's in Madrid and one in Paris, and they still had them...I asked the sa about it, and they both said that this was a permanent bag. I asked, because I want one myself, but i'm still saving up for it.
  8. Sold out in Toronto. I've heard the selection in Canada is pretty crappy... I don't know - I am v. new to Chanel. I would LOOOOOOVE the messenger bag in white/python. Or Black/python. Would they ship it from one store (like in another COUNTRY) to Toronto?
  9. I don't think they will, actually. You might need someone to confirm.

    Sorry about the mixup by the way lol, I thought you meant the Reporter. :blush:
  10. Sadly they wón't...but you can locate one yourself in the States and have it fedex'ed to your door! Bad part is that you have to pay for shipping and any customs...but if you really want it, it is worth it!

    Good Luck!
  11. I looked everywhere for the black messenger in the large size..NOWHERE to be found...sniff

  12. You were looking b/c you want one for yourself... right? Like, looking for a pic, or for the actual bag...?