Calls from Vuitton Customer Service

  1. I called the 1-866 number for Vuitton the other day and the customer service agent asked if someone could call me back for a quck survey. I said OK. They called once, I told them to call back and the called back 2 more times until they got me. The survery was about 10 - 15 minutes, basically asking about the call, what was good, not good, and what could be improved. I was impressed with the follow-up. Have anyone received a similiar call?
  2. Not yet they told me they would be calling me today so we will see.
  3. Let them know, my inititial call to the customer service rep was so-so :wondering. I waited a long time, the survery person was surprised. For the wait, I just wished the customer service would have offered more (would you like our catalog,...).
  4. when i called 866-VUITTON to order my catalog, they asked if they survey rep could call me, and i said yes. they called the very next day.
  5. I just got called for a survey today. I called LV yesterday to be placedo on the waiting list for the new "mirror line" speedy.
  6. I took the survey monday & someone called again today. The first girl that called was new & kept messing up the questions so we had a good laugh & she was kind of embarrased. I think after that she must have accidently deleted the info so they called again.