Calling HH owners of anything in Plum!

  1. so I just got my Louvre today in Plum, and i love it and i love this color, and it's a keeper.

    however, on the front of the bag, there are some short lines where the leather is intact, but is lighter in color than the surrounding leather. there are 2 of them, about an inch long each. i think they are scratches because when i touched my fingernail to an inconspicuous part of the leather, the same effect happened.

    how about you all? have you seen anything similar with your Plums over time? i wonder if this is just an inevitable consequence of the softness of the leather. it's not a huge deal, and i got a good price (1/2 off in recent sale), but it bothers me a little. i know i'll end up doing the same thing to it over time, but i kind of want it to be my fault ;) on the other hand, if you all received plums with similar issues, i'll know it's probably unavoidable and i'll get over it. the color is really TDF. been looking for the perfect purple for me, and this is it!

    really appreciate any advice!
  2. I have mercer wallet in plum and had that problem too..It scratches very easily, very delicate I think for a wallet..there are lines on my wallet which I have no idea where it came from.just light lines..

    I do really love the color but because of how delicate it seems to me, I decided never to get the handbags in plum assuming it is the same leather...
  3. I haven't carried my plum Inka yet, but I have the same problem that anita has with her wallet for my clutch wallet - it scratches easily. BUT - it doesn't seem to damage the leather. I consider it normal wear, really - doesn't bother me. I can see where it would be alarming on a larger piece of leather however. I'll watch it when I start carrying my plum Inka... AND just so ya know, I think my saddle Inka does this too - scratch easily, that is....
  4. yep, I have an Ana in plum and it scratches easily too. I think the supersoft leathers on the Ana and Louvre are problematic that way. It doesn't really bother me but I could see where some people might not like it.
  5. thanks so much guys for your take... i am going to just get over it. indiaink- agree with you about the saddle leather - i noticed that on my Suki - but the saddle leather seems to me to get better with age like a pair of cowboy boots and i don't mind the scuffs at all. hopefully i'll feel the same about my plum! thanks again for all your input!