Calling For Help From Australia....

  1. I desperately need help ladies.
    Iam after a petrol blue on blueberry Spy, as i live in Australia i can't even find how to get onto a waiting list for these bags or even if they are available anywhere.
    I really wan't one.... i really need one!! can anybody help me?:sad: :shrugs:
  2. Theirs a Petrol on eBay at the moment, but I do not like the sellers tactics as this is the 3rd time its been listed it started at a lot lower price and the price it is now is way to high but its a stunning bag.
    Selfridges do the Blueberry and post worldwide so does
  3. Wow, thanks so much.
  4. Which part of Australia are you in fendifan?
  5. I live in South Australia, i see you live in Melbourne. I love it there!! So many great bargains.
  6. Hehe..... Tell me about it... (my latest obsession is Alannah Hill) I was born in Adelaide actually. Left when I was 3. Good luck with your hunt for a blueberry spy, last time I heard there was no Fendi boutique in SA. No point searching around, just go to the sites saich and lit suggested. And post pics if and when you get one!
  7. I love the blueberry color too. Good Luck! I think I only saw the blueberry b bag on styledrops.
  8. Well just thought i should let you all know.... My blueberry spy is on its way to me!! ill be sure to post pics when i get it.:yahoo:
  9. You must post photos when you get it!!! Where did you order it from?
  10. I actually saw the bag on eBay. And i found out it was a fellow pfer!! So i quickley grabed it!! Can't wait. Will definately post pics. Oh and i hope you get in touch with Florida tonight, good luck with the bags.
  11. Thanks sweetie... I am so happy for you!! Talk about good timing with finding the bag. And a fellow PF'er. Can't wait to see pics!
    I'll keep you updated with calling Florida. I'm just starting to have my doubts now. It seems to be too good to be true.