Calling Canadian MK Lovers!

  1. Has anyone seen this bag in any MK stores? I'm located in Toronto so somewhere in the GTA or even Buffalo, NY area would be preferred! I love this bag but don't want to order online because of shipping/duties :smile: Oh, can anyone confirm that the MK hangtag (not sure if that's what it's called?) is removable? TIA :smile::smile:

  2. the website says its on pre-order, so it wouldn't be in stores yet. just call an MK store in TO and see if they will get it in when it's out. 100% sure they carry the same stuff in all the stores so no need to drive to B.lo for it. the little charm ugly thing looks like it's on a belt notch type ting so it should be removable. cute colour!
  3. i think i've seen it at Holt Renfrew in Toronto
  4. Just seen these at the Holt Renfrew location in Yorkdale! But not in that colour, ahh good choice! I was planning on getting this bag as well but in black. :smile:
  5. Thanks ladies! I'll try a few of the local HRs this weekend :smile:
  6. good luck its a qt bag
  7. I saw this purse like a couple weeks ago in mk store in vancouver. Im just not sure of the color. I know they had navy blue for sure and black. I can ask about the tag tommorow since i work close to mk store.
  8. Hi. I'm in Edmonton. It's available in many different colors. I bought the white one and love it! I don't know if the fob is removable. I didn't check.
  9. How much is this bag
  10. Have you found it yet? I've seen them at holt and the MK stores everywhere!!!! It's a great bag!

  11. 298.00 + tax