Calling at Vache Natural owners...

  1. In Paris this year I bought a 36cm HAC VACHE natural...and its so beautiful I could just slap something!

    and I know that it will darken, age, etc over time.

    but I am so scared to use it! I finally took it out yesterday for the 3rd time....and I could just feel in my mind the handles darkening.

    but I know they are supposed to.

    how are the vache natural owners holding up??

    what should I do? just let go and let it age? wrap the handles? put twillys.

    I bought the bag to enjoy but GG is scared.
  2. I do not own Vache Natural, but want to tell you that is one gorgeous bag. I do have gold VL and am not too concerned about darkening handles.

    Enjoy that beautiful bag.
  3. I don't have that leather but my gold ostrich is the same way for me - I need to be able to use and love the bag - I use it carefully and without handcream in the mornings...I love it and know if I sold it I would always want another one -- so I will love it and use it -- thankfully I have several bags so I can alternate...your bag is pretty!
  4. GG,

    The handles darken at a faster rate than the rest of the bag, so why not tie twillys to them every other time you carry the bag? That would slow the handles down, and still allow them to age at the same pace as the rest of the bag.

    I don't think you want to apply any kind of sealing product to the leather...

    Having said that - it's your bag, and you should of course keep it looking the way you want it. But I love the look of old, burnished natural leathers, and the darker handles don't really bother me. (Take another look at Authentic Lux's Barenia HAC...) I think they say, I've lived a fascinating life. I've travelled. I've been there, done that, and I'm going to do it again. Given the choice between a brand new bag and Authentic Lux's bag, which one would Ralph Lauren photograph in the background of a clothing ad? The one with the darker handles every time.
  5. love that bag!!!!

    just take a deep breath and use it -- that's what turns it into a burnished, patinated beauty. after years of use the rest of the bag will catch up to the handles.

    but do try not to hold it by the handles right after you've put on hand cream -- it goes from your hands to the handles the same as if you pulled out some leather cream and gave it a treatment with that. and you don't want to treat part of the bag and not the rest!
  6. good advice. I try to make sure not to have dirty hands.

    I mean the nice thing is...worst case I can send it back to Paris and have the handles replaced right?
  7. I bought my VN Birkin last January, and have used her ever since (except on rainy days) The handles will darken, as will the whole bag, but that's the characteristic of this leather and what I like about it! I don't worry about it, I go to the supermarket with it, and just use it as my every day bag.....As I said before, I'm only careful with water. At first, I carried around it's rain protection, but then I found it too heavy:sweatdrop:, so now I carry inside the bag a folded grocery plastic bag, which is much lighter weight, and put the bag inside it in case of rain (it's never happend, b/c if it's bad weather, I use another bag) Also I try not to use it when I'm babysitting my grandchildren (5, 2 and 8 months) I don't want to get their sticky little hands all over her, especially since they always go and search inside my bag for sweets and the like!!!:rolleyes:(I love them dearly, but some risks just cannot be taken!!LOL)

    So, having said all this, just use the darn thing and don't worry about it!!!!:tup:
  8. duna can you post pics!
  9. also in the winter its more dry here...and you don't get as hot so I think I will use it alot then!
  10. you shouldn't have to wait long -- duna loves to show us her pretty baby! :p
  11. I would imagine. its an amazing leather!
  12. you look awesome GG!
  13. oh thank you all!

    does anyone know the answer to the handle replacement worst case scenario question?
  14. GG, i'm sure they can replace the handles -- but my suspicion is that brand spankin' new handles will look out of place on a natural vache bag that's started to break in. the darker handles is just the way this bag will age gracefully.

    but another tip to minimize darkening is to cup the handles in you hand rather thand grasp them all the way around -- the tops (which are more visible) will stay lighter.