Calling all women with pictures of their rings...on their fingers!!!

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  1. My Tacori wedding set and my new Bony Levy ring that just came today!
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  2. These aren't mine....yet! Tried on at a friend's trunk show today. I took the one on the right, it's being re-sized for me. Told her I will probably take the one on the left as well in the spring. [emoji177][emoji177][emoji177]

    Apologies for my nails I NEED a manicure. [emoji33]

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  3. Close up pics...


  4. IMG_1480633097.224887.jpg
  5. Beautiful! Your nails are pretty too [emoji4]
  6. Yes, the diamonds are white, black and either chocolate or cognac. Very pretty. The other one is not VCA - similar, but there are some design differences (plus VCA doesn't make this combo).
  7. still obsessed over my rings! Tiffany + Cartier

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  8. Thank you and enjoy your lovely ring.
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  9. Here's mine! Just got engaged in September and I'm still totally in love with the ring. Center stone is a champagne colored diamond at 1.2 carats, total ring is 2 carats, in size 7 set in platinum. IMG_1480712147.795720.jpg IMG_1480712159.978598.jpg IMG_1480712167.886928.jpg
  10. IMG_2745.JPG
    Forgot to add pic in natural light!
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