Calling all women with pictures of their rings...on their fingers!!!

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  1. I think it would be great to see how everyones rings look on their hands. They look different than when floating in the white background. Plus, I like to see what size looks best on a hand. Its kind of like not trying on a dress because it looks great on the hanger. You know??

    Calling all women who have pics wearing their diamonds!

    This is going to be fun!

  2. Here is my Engagement Ring and wedding band set and my anniversary band. I fell in love with the Tiffany basket weave ring but it was so way out of budget, it was just not possible. I told dh for our 5 year that I wanted an anniversary band similiar to the Tiffany band. He ended up having a jeweler make something similiar within our budget! I was so surprised I cried. I love all my rings...
  3. This is the original Tiffany ring.. Definitely a lot more bling than the one DH had made but it just touched my heart that he did what he could..
  4. Thank you, they are beautiful!

    Your husband did a great job in getting you a similar styled ring, plus I love it. I have always been looking for neat rings that reflected my conservative style.

    What size is your diamond if you don't mind me asking? I ordered a 2.17 ct ( Should be here anyday!) and I am pretty unsure how they look on a hand lol. I have only tried on 1.5 because I live in the middle of nowhere and people have to sell their homes and live in boxes to buy that kind of a diamond from a jeweler lol. Well, I guess it really isn't that funny, but kind of explains why they don't carry very large diamonds.

    I swear I need to move closer to the city...where people actually wash their hands. :smile:

  5. i know you'll see a lot of bling in this thread, but i'll step up for the dainty diamond girls. ;) i looooove my ring. it's a .25 carat emerald cut diamond in a antique bezel setting that adds an extra "facet." (hard to discribe, but you can see what i mean in the second photo) from far away it makes my ring appear about the proportions of a half carat stone. i wear a size 6.5ish ring. i wasn't blessed with elegant hands sadly... :Push:

    hubby and i are playing with the idea of of having it reset in a halo setting because i've recently fallen madly in love with them. we'll see...

    that basket ring is gorgeous msmelanie!

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  6. Thanks Alicia! My center stone is 1 carat. My hands are pretty tiny since I wear a size 4 1/2 ring. So people think it's a little bit bigger than it really is.

    Ilzabet ~ I love emerald cuts! I am confused though about it being in a halo setting? Can they do that for emerald cut diamonds?
  7. sure can. and they're GORGEOUS. :girlsigh: i've seen them in person a few times and on a diamond board i lurk quite a bit. seriously drool worthy. :yes:

    it's the antithesis of the thread (lots of floating white background rings ;)), but the first photo shows it can be done. the second and third are a pink saphire ring i fell in love with and took crappy camera phone pictures in a vain attempt to get hubby to buy it for me (still trying! but now i like the idea of using my engagement ring diamond in a custom setting) it would look something like that.... :tender:

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  8. OOH! I love that! That would be so gorgeous!
  9. [​IMG]
  10. My Tiffany Atlas Diamond Ring..

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  12. [​IMG]

    This is Marilyn Monroe from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

    This is the replica of the ring she's wearing in the picture.
  13. OK, my hands look terrible because I just got done playing in the garden, but here it is: 4.82 carat Iolite in 14k by Joyful Crow jewelry. We had it custom made.

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  14. A little off topic but I love your nailpolish colour! Would you happen to know who makes it? I love your ring....stunning! :smile:
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