Calling all UK'ers near a Sainsbury

  1. They will be selling the Anya Hindmarch "I'm not a plastic bag" bags beginning Wednesday April 25th. Can anyone pick one up for me? I'll pay shipping. Please send me a PM if you can. thanks!
  2. I'm looking for one too.
    Please please PM me if you could do me this favor. The price for those on eBay are going crazy....

    TIA :lol:
  3. Apparently there will only be about 30 bags per store and limited to one per customer !! Its going to be tough!!:crybaby:
  4. :drool: I know and I just hope to be lucky if I could find one!
  5. I am in the UK

    Will pop into a couple of them this week then and let you all know.
  6. Ok I will have nose in sainsburys too, but I reckon they will go really quickly and end up on eBay anyway.
  7. What bag is this?
  8. ^^ It's by Anya Hindmarch and has caused a storm. I am not the least taken with the appearance of the bag, but a lot of people adore it. There was a piece in both Saturday papers I read about it today and it looks like the Sainsbury deliveries will be seriously limited, but I too will keep my eyes open as I walk past the Sainsbury's that is near my office next week.
  9. It is going to be hard - my sainsburys opens at 8am and I will be there for opening - apparently though it only has 30! I live in York though which is hardly a fashion capital though so am hoping!!:smile:
  10. Rachel I am the same - not holding out much hope for the fashion catch up that is Scotland!
  11. ^^ Hee hee

    At least living somewhere not so trendy has it bonuses :yes:
  12. i will be there for the shop opening. although i doubt ill get one. my friend works for john lewis who are also selling them and staff arent aloud to buy them WTF? is her money not good enough.
  13. i thought theyd started selling them the 11th of april in sainsburys though?
  14. From the website:smile: :

    Alternative to plastic carrier bags at Sainsbury's

    Did you know that every person in the country uses an average of 167 plastic bags every year? That's 10 billion carrier bags altogether!

    Plastic carrier bags can take years to break down in landfill which is damaging to the environment, so we're helping to cut down on this by offering alternatives that you can reuse every time you shop.

    The UK's leading accessories designer Anya Hindmarch has got together with Sainsbury's and global social change movement, We Are What We Do to produce a limited edition environmentally friendly designer shopping bag. The bag will be available nationwide in selected Sainsbury's supermarkets from 8am on Wednesday 25th April for £5.

    Attached is a list of stores selling the bag. Please note that most stores selling the bag will only have 30 bags.

    Because of the very limited amount of bags, Sainsbury's has made the following rules to ensure that as many of our customers who would like a bag, can get one in the fairest way possible:

    Bags will be sold from 8am on Wednesday 25th April on first come first served basis.
    No bag orders or reservations of the bag will be accepted.
    The bag will be limited to one per customer
    The bag is not available to buy online.
    Please note that we expect the limited amount of bags per store to sell out very quickly on the morning of the 25th April. Unfortunately there are no more bags being made for the UK market.

    To find out more about the bag visit or
  15. I bought one on eBay...I am not even going to tell you what I paid tho :nuts: