Calling all those who live in Boston - Anyone seen these Lanvins?

  1. Hey guys,

    My brother is in Boston and coming back in the next couple of days and I really want these lanvins:girlsigh:. They are sold out all over London and unfortunately I cant order from Barneys since they dont ship abroad :tdown::sad:

    Has anyone seen these Lanvin mary janes around Boston? Could you give me the store names.

    Thanks Guys! :flowers:
  2. nobody?
  3. Try Louis Boston 234 Berkeley St, Boston, Mass. I think they carry Lanvin. 1-800-225-5135 .
  4. Hope I'm not too late....I haven't exactly seen those shoes, but my best bet for Lanvins in Boston would be Barneys. Louis Boston doesn't really have an extensive collection of shoes. Try calling Barneys in Boston and see if they have 'em!