Calling all San Francisco Ladies

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  1. Hi,
    My Auntie has just moved to San Francisco yesterday from Scotland (UK), well actually she has moved to a place called Moss Beach??

    Anyways, I am going out there for a couple of days in June and need to know where the good bars, shops and clubs are- or any other good info!!

    Also how far away is Moss Beach from San Fran city- is it better to stay in a hotel in the centre??!!

    Im clueless (I love that film) so any info about the city would be great!

  2. Moss Beach is about 30 mins away from SF. Good family community, in Half Moon Bay. Depending on what you want as far as shopping there's the usual Malls - Stanford Mall, in Palo Alto (highend stores), Hillsdale, in San Mateo (lowend stores, Macys to Mervyns) and Stonestown Mall or SF Centre, in SF (lowend stores). Then, there's Union Square SF, access to all the highend, lowend stores, boutiques, etc.....a MUST to go visit! There's Union Street, small highend stores and boutiques, cute place to visit. If you want edgier/unique stuff including the people, try The Haight Street in SF, small boutiques, tattoo shops, etc. can be highend to lowend depending. There is also, Burlingame too...almost forgot, highend shops and restaurants...there's a store called Susans and they sell Balenciagas if you like..:nuts: !
    I can't think of anymore places....probably will come to me later. As for the bars and clubs, someone else is going to have to help you with's been along time since I had a Margarita! I can recommend a good restaurant though, Houstons....great cocktails and food!
  3. Oohhh I love houstons pursemama, they have the best ribs.. For bar hopping, it's best to go to chestnut street, and lombard. It's really "crackin" there at night and a lot of bars and club to hop around . Masakis is really good and so is La barcas next to it. Then there is the matrix bar. And a whole bunch of others. you should check out for all the clubs around here. There are pictures too.
  4. Hi Lucy! Moss beach is so far from SF, I'd say 30 minutes... I'd be happy to show you around :biggrin:
  5. Yes, you definitely want to stay at a hotel in downtown SF if you want to go shopping/clubbing/bars. Shopping is great in Union Square (Downtown), Bars/clubs are generally divided into the Marina (young, yuppy-ish crowd), Mission (eclectic and more diverse), Castro/Haight (hippy-ish and gay/lesbian), SOMA (artsy), and Downtown (touristy and swanky). Of course, this is just a generalization.. but hope it helps.
  6. aawww...that's so sweet of you Pursegalsf! Can you stop and pick me up too?! :biggrin:
  7. Thanks Ladyees!!

    Your a great help- think its going to be checking in to a hotel so I am right in th action!!

    Pursegalsf- I would LOVE to take you up on that offer- shall let you know when all is booked!!
  8. Things to do:

    -visit Pier 39
    -go to Alcatraz
    - (Must do this! It's a lot of fun. I went a few weeks ago and I loved it.)

    Places to shop:

    -Maiden Lane boutiques (Chanel, Marc Jacobs, YSL, etc.)
    -department stores downtown: Saks, Neiman's, Nordstrom's, two Macy's
    -H&M downtown
    -Telegraph in Berkeley

    Places to eat:

    -Lory's Diner, a 50's themed diner with great burgers!