Calling all Rose Dragee birkins 30 and 35

  1. I would like to know if the size makes a difference in the look of such a light color.
    I would like time to consider this color for podium.Thank you all in advance.
  2. Hi

    I have a RD kelly 28cm. I was vacillating between the 32cm and 28cm. However both my SA and I came to the conclusion that as RD is a "pretty" color, in our opinion, it is best suited to a smallish bag so I ended up with the 28cm. My friend has a 25cm birkin in RD and it is the prettiest thing ever. Also for a light colored bag, the bigger it is, the easier for the corners to bump into walls etc and get dirty. I would go for a 30cm birkin in rose dragee personally
  3. I'm thinking the same but I'm like 6 feet in heels. I thought it may look to small it may not matter but I'm think since it will be a very light color that may make it look bigger
    Thank you for your time:tup:. 25 must be so cute?
  4. I don't have one, but I found some pics for you from

    Pic 1 - 35 cm
    birkin rose dragee1.jpg

    Pic 2 - 30 cm
    rose dragee 2.jpg
  5. you are a near 6 fter? are you a supermodel by profession?

    YOu are right in that a light colored bag would look bigger compared to same size bag in dark colors. When my friend carries her 25cm RD, it does resemble a 30cm
  6. What size would you buy if it were not RD color? Lighter looks bigger, but size might also be a consideration based on what you already have and what size bag you prefer already.

    I think RD only comes in swift leather? The 30 swift holds its shape well. Some say it's a soft leather, but it is nothing like a clemence or togo birkin that is floopy.
  7. Well I would only consider RD this time around.I have a JPG in white so its not about the purchase of a light bag. I just like the color .I also thought of a lindy but it may not have the same classy apeal of the birkin in the RD I think its very posh color I want to do it justice .
  8. my friend just PO'd a 30cm rose dragee birkin in togo. fingers crossed for her!!
  9. togo I was told its not posible but it sounds like a dream I'll cross my eyes too
  10. Catabie has a 34cm RD swift lindy - it is gorgeous irl. I have a 35 RD swift birkin. I would never have gotten it if I hadn't seen how amazing RD is irl. But I've only seen it in swift, and swift absorbs color very well. RD is so faint already, it would be interesting to see how it comes out in another leather.

    imo if you want the classy appeal of the birkin then get the 35cm. You are tall enough to carry it well.

    Let us know what you decide!
  11. Humming bird

    Totally agree with you that RD swift looks lovely IRL. Photos (or even the tiny leather sample) do not do justice to the color/leather.
  12. yes i agree, RD in swift is very creamy marshmellow-ish!! YUMMMY!!! it's a very soft delicate color and in swift the color just kinda "melts" onto the bag! in a good way that is!
  13. Lighter colors go a long way in smaller bags as far as impact of the look goes. But RD to me is a very subtle shade that wouldn't look terribly large in 35 especially if you have the height to pull it off.
  14. i've seen a 30cm RD in real life and I really liked it. RD is a pretty color and I think 30 is a good size for it